10 Best Foods for Skin Whitening

10 Best Foods for Skin Whitening
By: Ken Barnes

Whether you're looking for an alternative to traditional skin-whitening creams or want to complement your existing skin-lightening regime, there are a number of natural skin whitening foods that can be useful in lightening your complexion.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is crucial to brightening your skin since getting all the nutrients essential to health and well-being will ensure your skin has an attractive, healthy glow. Processed foods have altered ingredients, which can result in redness and blemishes, so adhering to a balanced diet plan that contains primarily organic and natural foods with low sugar and high fiber is the best plan of action for brightening skin tone.

Here's how to make your skin white permanently and naturally with some foods that you can add to your skin whitening diet plan to improve your skin tone.

Lemon Water

Adding lemon to water serves a dual purpose. Firstly, the water will keep your skin hydrated, leaving it healthy and glowing, while the lemon performs a natural bleaching function thanks to its acidic content. Lemon water also has anti-aging properties, reducing wrinkles and clearing blackheads for better skin tone.


Research carried out in the USA has shown that if you drink green tea regularly, your peroxide levels are reduced, helping to soften and lighten the skin thanks to polyphenols in the green tea, which are powerful antioxidants, clearing free radicals from the body that can contribute to aging and dull skin.

Dark Chocolate

Who said that having great skin meant having a boring diet? Research has shown that if you eat one or two squares of dark chocolate every day, your skin texture will improve, and you'll also have better resistance to UV rays, keeping dark spots on your skin lighter. The flavonoids and cocoa polyphenols in the chocolate are also excellent antioxidants that help to whiten skin.

Vitamin C Containing Vegetables And Fruits

When it comes to maintaining a full skin brightening and healthy complexion, dermatologists recommend eating foods for skin whitening that are high in Vitamin C and nutritious foods like strawberries, kiwi fruit, citrus fruits, and cherry tomatoes. Oranges are especially beneficial for radiant skin due to their high vitamin C content, which boosts collagen production and increases the rate of new cell growth.


The isoflavones in soybeans act as phytoestrogens which combat the signs of aging. Meanwhile, the antioxidants which are present in soybeans retain and protect the skin's lustre making it look healthier and lighter. Tofu and soy milk are ideal products to give you whiter and brighter skin tone.


Rich in beneficial antioxidants, papaya contains papain, an enzyme that kills dead skin cells and eradicates impurities from the new skin cells that damage the body. Eating papayas regularly can work wonders for your skin barrier and your skincare regime.


Nuts contain zinc and selenium, which are beneficial in fighting acne marks and skin conditions. Almonds and pumpkin seeds also purify the blood and supply nutrients, which are good for the body and can reduce skin inflammation.

Fennel Seeds

With powerful detoxifying and antioxidant properties, fennel seeds are excellent for toning skin and improving blood circulation. Even better, fennel keeps skin moisturized and hydrated to keep it looking bright.


Beetroot can purge toxins from the body, clearing the liver and blood and fighting free radicals. Beetroot contains iron, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, vitamins C, B, and A, and fiber to lighten the skin complexion too.


Not only is milk rich in calcium, but it can also moisturize and whiten the skin. Its lactic acid content also exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and lightening the complexion.

These beneficial skin whitening foods will help to maintain healthy skin and make sure your skin stays looking bright and your glowing skin healthy with an attractive, natural glow.


How Does Amaira's Intimate Lightening Serum Work?

Amaira's intimate lightening serum works for beautiful skin by slowing down the natural process of hyperpigmentation, or skin aging, allowing your skin pigmentation to revitalize over time.

There is no overnight process for lightening skin, and doing so naturally requires some patience and diligence in application. However, you can discover long-term results when your skin is brightened naturally without risking your overall skin health.

Here's how these award-winning ingredients work to brighten skin glow and whiten dark or discolored skin:

  • Mulberry Root Bark Extract - This ingredient replenishes your skin's youthful appearance by dramatically reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This is done by restoring fibrillin, a protein found in the human body that forms elastic fibers in connective tissues.
  • Mulberry Leaf Extract - This extract is clinically proven to improve skin health and slow the production of tyrosinase (which causes dark pigment) by up to 50%. Reducing tyrosinase helps skin-lightening results last longer.
  • Orchid Extracts - Orchids are not only beautiful, but they act as antioxidants that repair and protect the already healthy skin by moisturizing and conditioning it. This restores and supports skin health, natural softness, and suppleness.
  • Dendrobium Phalaenopsis Flower - This special flower is listed in the top 50 fundamental Chinese herbs for its proven medicinal properties. It's also known for being one of the best moisturizing skin whitening agents in the world and helps restore vigor and tightness to your skin.
  • Kojic Acid - Unlike other products that use harsh bleaching agents, Kojic Acid is made from all-natural rice and mushrooms. It is gentler and safe for even the most sensitive areas of our bodies but is still effective for whitening dark pigment. This ingredient alone can effectively restore dark areas up to three shades lighter.

    This innovative lightening serum was scientifically formulated without perfumes or parabens, making it safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin color of body parts.

    You can learn more about how these plant-based ingredients work here.

    We’ll show you how to use this advanced whitening cream for best results, but first - here’s what real customers have to say about Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum:

    “I have been using this product for a week to remove dark age spots on my face...I am starting to see [them] lighten up. It also does not leave my face feeling greasy like some products I have tried before.”

    Customer Username: Misty Moore

    “I have lots of pigment issues on my stomach and neck...So far I'm loving it!! I've noticed more even skin coloring and although it's not completely resolved, I feel like a few more weeks of this treatment will help dramatically!!”

    Customer Username: Angel G

    “I have age freckles on the side of my face and regular stuff is too harsh. My friend used this for her nether region and recommended it...Love it. It is lightening and I can see a huge difference. Can't wait for the full effect in a few weeks...It's worth the money and I know this will last me probably 6 months! It's super gentle too.”

    Customer Username: Gina F.

    “I have a couple of sensitive areas I wanted to lighten to seem more appealing. I have been using this every day for a little over two weeks now, and I can start to see a lightening of the skin where it’s been used. I’m optimistic that as the weeks progress, there will be a pretty noticeable difference. Not only that, but the area of skin is also softer than ever! The dark spots are fading and my skin feels healthier. I love it!”

    Customer Username: Charlie

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    To read more about skin lightening, please read this article.

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