3 Best Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite

3 Best Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite
By: Morli Desai

We’ve all been there. You’re standing in front of that full-length mirror, twisting back and forth to take stock of your summer figure. Then you see it. Cellulite.

How did you not notice it was there before? How long has it been there? Has anyone else noticed?

When cellulite shows up on your body, your confidence takes a blow.

Maybe you were trying on a bathing suit or shorts, noticed cellulite, and immediately covered yourself up in something more ‘appropriate’.

You might look at other men and women who seem to be blessed with smooth skin and wonder why yours resembles cottage cheese.

Or you’ve stepped into the unflattering light of a dressing room and noticed dimples in places where they shouldn’t be.

You’re not the only one.

In fact, up to 90% of all females have some form of cellulite, and many men suffer from this skin imperfection as well. Even though it is a common and normal thing, there isn’t much that affects self-confidence like the appearance of unsightly, orange peel-type skin.

But before you stop buying shorts and dresses, throwing them out of your closet, or beating yourself up over your appearance, you may want to try out natural ways to get rid of cellulite.

Before we dive into the ways that you can treat your cellulite from home, let’s take a closer look at why it happens in the first place.

How Does Cellulite Form?

Cellulite is one of the most infuriating aesthetic mysteries that affect people of all sizes and ages. Even people who are in great shape have it, as you’ve probably seen in pictures of celebrities at the beach.

So why does it happen?

If you have cellulite, you’re actually part of the majority. More than 80% of women who are 20 or older develop it at some point. Even though some men get cellulite, it’s much more common in women due to their genetic makeup and the way their tissues are designed.

Cellulite has a bumpy, lumpy appearance that tends to affect the thighs, buttocks and abdominal area. Its exact causes are unknown though we know that gaining weight, pregnancy and high carbohydrate diets contribute to their presence.

To understand how to treat cellulite, it’s beneficial to understand what’s really going on under the skin. To put it simply, there are fat cells beneath the skin, which are next to arteries. As those fat cells take in extra nutrients that spill out from the arteries, they start to become larger and larger.

Fat molecules start to accumulate in the individual fat cells where they become big and plump. Once they get plump, they suck in more blood supply.

The larger blood supply they have, the bigger they get. The fat molecules expand, like individual balloons. And so do the small fibrous bands that hold the skin to muscle, causing bulges and leading to the appearance of dimples.

As you get into your 20s, 30s and older, there are more fat cells that cause the appearance of cellulite. This can make us more self-conscious about our looks and ultimately lose self-confidence.

The good news is there are ways to improve the appearance of cellulite naturally.

Here are the best methods to help you get started.

The Best Ways To Fix Cellulite Naturally Without Surgery

There are ways to reduce cellulite without breaking the bank or risking your health. The following natural methods can minimize their appearance and improve your skin.


Our bodies are loaded with toxins that accumulate from years of exposure to chemicals, refined sugars, packaged foods, pollutants and more.

Aside from the associated health risks, these toxins also cause issues like cellulite. A great way to fight it naturally is to have a powerful detox to clean out your body.

There are many detox options so find one that works for you. Start by incorporating a green and clean diet that is free of processed foods. Substitute junk foods for vegetables and fruits for smoother skin and an added health boost.

Coffee scrubs

Coffee scrubs can easily be made at home using just two ingredients: coffee grounds and coconut oil.

The caffeine helps to effectively tighten the skin and increase blood flow while the coffee grounds exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead skin cells and generate new, healthy cells.

Simply massage the paste onto the problem area for a few minutes and wash off with warm water.

Another natural method to smooth out cellulite is by using creams. Here’s what to consider when looking for a cellulite cream.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing, or skin brushing, is a popular natural remedy for reducing fatty deposits. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body by stimulating the lymphatic system and increasing blood flow.

All you need is a proper dry body brush, which is usually made with synthetic bristles attached to a handle.

Start by brushing your skin beginning at the feet and working your way upwards, focusing on areas with the most dimpling. It is important to perform the brushing movements towards your heart to encourage strong blood circulation.

Recommended brushing time is ten minutes per day, followed by a warm shower to remove dead skin cells and impurities.

Use Cellulite Creams to Smooth Stubborn Areas

Home remedies don’t work for everyone so don’t despair if you’ve tried the previously mentioned treatments with no positive results.

Creams, lotions and other products can be an effective way to get rid of cellulite and nourish your skin. They help hydrate problem areas and allow your skin to easily absorb the needed nutrients.

Creams reduce the appearance of cellulite while improving skin firmness, leaving your skin feeling smoother and more toned. They’re a great fuss-free option that can be applied in a matter of minutes and are easy to add to your daily routine.

A common misconception regarding creams and other topical ointments is they will completely eliminate cellulite. External treatments, whether homemade or store-bought, can improve your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite but they won’t fully remove it.

Continuous use of effective creams can, however, improve your skin to the point where it is no longer noticeable, especially when combined with proper diet and exercise.

Using an all-natural cream is a great way to nourish your skin without having to worry about added toxins or harsh chemicals. Some products may contain ingredients that aren’t great for your body when used long term.

For a cream that is safe and works, try Amaira’s Advanced Scar Removal Vanishing Cream. It is made from 100% plant-based, natural ingredients and doubles as a cellulite smoothing cream.

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