Amaira Brazilian Booty-Lift Butt Enhancing Cream

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  • Increases buttock volume for a sexy smooth finish
  • Improves the curves and contour of the buttocks
  • No harsh chemicals, perfumes, or sulfates and made from natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Made cruelty free in the USA
  • 60-day money back guarantee

About This Product

The Amaira Brazilian Booty-Lift Butt Enhancing Cream is specifically designed to increase the volume, curves, and contours of your buttocks. We offer a before-and-after you’ll be able to touch and feel, not just see.

Our revolutionary formula of natural, plant-based ingredients targets the production of fatty tissue in specifically desired areas. Harnessing the ancient wisdom of the East while following the strict quality standards of the West, we developed a superior, breakthrough product that helps women embody their ideal form of femininity. Even better, we don’t use any harsh chemicals, perfumes, or sulfates so you can use it on sensitive skin too.

Whether you’re using our Brazilian Booty cream to lift, tighten, or grow the volume of your buttocks, you won’t make a mistake investing in our scientifically proven formula. You can expect fast and long-lasting results the safe and natural way.

Made In The USA

Contains Natural Ingredients

Safe For Sensitive Skin

Cruelty Free

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful


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