Intimate Lightening for All Genders

Amaira Natural Lightening Serum with Kojic Acid and Mulberry Extract

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Bottles: 1 Bottle

For intimate areas such as vaginal skin, anus, inner thighs, nipples, scrotum, or penis

For all skin types including sensitive skin

Natural, plant-based ingredients to effectively lighten skin

No perfumes, parabens, sulfates, or harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone 

About This Product

With natural plant extracts, the Amaira Natural Lightening Serum is proven to lighten dark or hyperpigmented skin on intimate areas such as the inner thighs, vaginal skin, anus, nipples, scrotum, or penis.  Our serum is developed without any perfumes or harsh chemicals so you can confidently treat discoloration or scarring in areas which have sensitive skin.  Safe for all skin types.

Our skin changes naturally over time, and both men and women may develop brown or purple skin discoloration in their intimate areas due to friction, aging, hormonal changes, skin damage, or hygiene. The serum fights hyperpigmentation by working deep at the lower layers of the skin where it slows the overgrowth of melanin that causes dark pigmentation. Your body will naturally shed old skin cells, and with consistent use of the Natural Lightening Serum, the new skin cells that form will have less skin pigmentation and a lighter color.

Many skin bleaching products use harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone or mercury which can cause irritation, burning, or even permanent skin damage. Use of natural products to fix stubborn skin issues alleviates the risk of further damage or scarring from harmful substances. Amaira Skincare uses natural ingredients made from plant extracts and is completely free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, and perfumes. While natural lightening treatments take time to work, they produce long-lasting results and healthy, radiant skin. Both men and women of all skin types can use the Natural Lightening Serum to treat conditions such as:

  • Dark or discolored skin in intimate areas such as the inner thighs, vaginal skin, anus, nipples, scrotum, or penis
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Birthmarks and blemishes
  • Age Spots or Liver Spots
  • Melasma
  • Discoloration due to skin damage from acne, surgery, burns, or piercings

Made In The USA

Contains Natural Ingredients

Safe For Sensitive Skin

Cruelty Free

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful