Vaginal Bleaching Guide - Should You Try It?

Vaginal Bleaching Guide - Should You Try It?
By: Morli Desai

It’s often seen as a taboo topic but it’s a topic that many women don’t feel confident to talk about, so I’m just going to say it. “Vaginal Lightening” (or Vaginal Bleaching).

Although this isn’t the correct term. We’ll get into that later. Not so hard to say, right?

In decades past, this topic really wasn’t much of an issue. You see, “down there” was normally covered up by, know. But in the last decade or two, us ladies have started changing the landscape, so to speak by waxing, shaving or getting laser hair removal.

As more and more women follow the trend, a new issue has come to light or maybe, dark. You see, when you shave, laser or wax, a common occurrence is that your vaginal area starts to darken. This is a natural occurrence.

The area is more prone to rubbing, chafing, etc. and the skin begins to darken. Now there’s nothing wrong with that at all, heck! some women and men even love it but for the ones who don’t, what can they do to get back their original shade of color?

Vaginal Lightening. That’s the answer and that’s the latest trend. You may hear it called “Vaginal Bleaching” but I want to make it clear, this isn’t an accurate term. We most certainly do not recommend putting bleach on your private parts! 

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What is Vaginal Lightening?

Vaginal bleaching, also known as vaginal lightening, is a process that aims to lighten the skin around the vaginal area using skin lightening serums made of natural ingredients1. It works by preventing the production of melanin, the pigment that darkens the skin, gradually lightening the skin over time with consistent use.


So How Does Vaginal Lightening Work?

The skin produces something called Melanin. Melanin is a natural pigmentation that darkens skin over time. The body is really trying to protect itself as it feels that you may be “under threat” from sun exposure or the skin needs to be hardened up for a number of reasons. Makes sense to the body, but maybe not so much sense to us.

In order to reverse this darkening, we need to prevent Melanin from being produced. There’s several ways to do this but the easiest and safest way is by using a skin lightening serum and in particular, one that is made of natural ingredients and specifically designed for intimate areas.

When you use a vaginal lightening serum, it’s able to penetrate the inner layers of skin (Hypodermis and Dermis) and prevent melanin production from the inside out.

Now let’s set some realistic expectations, you aren’t going to notice this straight away, it’s not an “overnight fix” and it’s going to take some consistency and dedication to get the desired results. But it can and will happen if you just stick with it.

At first, the lightening serum will work on the Hypodermis layer (very inner layer of skin) by preventing melanin from affecting the skin, as this layer is depleted of Melanin, it will then work on the Dermis and then finally the Epidermis where you will see visual results.

Trust me ladies, you really need to keep the faith on this one. It does work, but it works from the inside. Just give it some time.

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What Should You Expect?

At first, maybe not much! Some people say they notice results in 2 weeks but from our experience at Amaira Skincare, realistically 6-12 weeks is when the magic really starts to happen.

It’s worth noting, that you will most likely need more than one bottle of serum to achieve your results.

This isn’t us trying to sell you on buying more from us, we just want to set realistic expectations so that you are not disappointed due to misinformation.

We have helped literally millions of women achieve the results they desire and we are always asking for feedback and most women say the same thing.

The single most important advice we can give (and it may make you feel a bit self-conscious) is to take photos on a weekly basis. You see, when you look to see if there’s any change, you probably won’t notice it at first.

It’s kind of like if you are trying to lose weight, you eat healthy, go for a run, hit the gym and you start feeling frustrated. Then one day, a friend or a coworker makes that all-important comment “have you lost weight? You look great!” and then immediately you know that your persistence is paying off.

Now most likely (we hope) your coworker isn’t going to be commenting on your lightening situation, but by taking weekly photos and comparing them, you’re definitely going to start to see a difference. Just give it time and follow directions.

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So How do You Begin Vaginal Bleaching?

When you purchase Amaira Skincare’s Intimate Lightening Serum, start slow. Your vagina is sensitive, and so is the skin surrounding it.

Just use a little bit (it really does go a long way!) and start by using it every second day. If you feel that your skin is ok, move to daily and then eventually morning and night.

If at any time, you start to feel a bit sensitive, just cut back your use to the previous frequency.


Do I Have to Continue Vaginal Lightening Forever?

The answer is a little bit complex. Yes and No. you won’t need to use the serum at the same frequency but we do recommend keeping up a “maintenance schedule”.

Once you reach your desired results, we recommend maybe using it once to twice per week just to stop Melanin production starting again. Every person is different, you will need to play with this part a little bit and see what is right for you.

In our experience, we’ve found that applying once every 3-4 days seems to be sufficient for most women.


Why should you use Amaira for Vaginal Lightening?

Amara Skincare Intimate Lightening Serum is rated the #1 product by many third-party companies and websites.

Using natural and healthy ingredients, our product lightens the appearance of dark or discolored skin around the vagina quickly and safely. If you have dark pigments around the private areas including the anus, scrotum, or vagina, Amaira can help to lighten the look of these areas.

We do not use any perfumes or harsh chemicals (like hydroquinone), so that you can confidently change the appearance of any discoloration in intimate areas without worry.

We truly believe that we are the #1 product in the world when it comes to a lightening serum for vaginal lightening and millions of ladies around the globe agree.

Still Have Questions?

We understand this is a very sensitive topic and you may have questions regarding it that you just can’t find an answer to. If that’s the case, please reach out and contact us.

Our team of professionals has a vast array of experience and knowledge and most likely, we can answer your questions for you so that you can begin your journey to reach your desired goal.

Although it may still be a topic that isn’t discussed all that often, we can promise you that it is a topic that is talked about by millions of women every single day behind closed doors.

We really hope that this information sheds a little more light (no pun intended!) on this sensitive topic and that you are able to achieve the lightening results you desire!

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